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About us

Nature’s Prana Herbal Co. is a retail and wholesale supplier of Tea, Kratom, CBD and other Herbal Supplements centered around a holistic approach for the betterment of the body and mind.

Our products are regarded as the highest quality in their class.  Hand picked products and suppliers, paired with our strict quality control standards allows us to consistently offer you, our customers, hands down, the best products available.

Teas & Botanicals

Nature’s Prana offers Herbal Teas and Herbal Tea Blends to enjoy on their own or blends specifically developed to pair with Nature’s Prana Kratom Products in order to eliminate some of the undesired taste and to help elevate the effectiveness of the alkaloids within the Kratom. +read more


We pride ourselves on having the freshest, purest and most consistent Kratom available.  Our consistency is second to none and we have the laboratory results to prove it.  Each batch receives testing for purity and potency upon importation, prior to packaging and sales.  We are happy to provide copies of results to any customer who requests it.

Try Nature’s Prana Kratom products today, if you don’t like it for any reason will will give you a full refund, no joke, that’s how proud of our product we are. +read more

CBD Products

Nature’s Prana is currently developing and testing our new line of CBD (Cannabidiol) products to be released soon.

As always, we insist on the highest quality and efficacy of all the products we make available and our CBD Line will be prove to be no different.

Product Purchasing &

Re-seller Programs

  • Vending Machine Locations

    Nature’s Prana maintains vending machines stocking a wide variety of Kratom and other products offered by Nature’s Prana.

  • Wholesale Ordering

    We welcome wholesale and bulk product ordering business, re-sellers and consumers alike.

    Please contact us directly for bulk & wholesale orders.
    +1 (520) 314-7604

  • Reseller Programs

    We have incredibly generous and competitive re-seller programs along with local and remote sales associate positions immediately available.  +learn-more

  • Vending Machine Location Placement Incentive Programs.

    Nature’s Prana offers incentive programs for both leads on Nature’s Prana vending machine placement opportunities along with generous compensation for location rental for vending placement in the for of flat rental price or a combination of profit sharing and flat rental fee. +learn-more